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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A day on the trains at the Bluebell Railway, Horsted Keynes

This Saturday was the day for Dad's long awaited birthday present. A day learning how to drive the steam trains at the Bluebell Railway, down in Sussex. Coincidentally, a bit of news.. apparently there are plans underway to extend the Bluebell Railway line, currently running steam trains from Horsted Keynes to Sheffield Park, to East Grinstead: joining up with the British Rail (or whatever it is!) line up to London. It should be great when they've done it! I think they have to clear their way through some kind of disused tip first though, so it may be a little while.

This was Dad's train for the day: Fenchurch. It used to do the London to Brighton run, back in the day!

This is the view out of the window: it was absolutely roasting in there! I can see why steam train drivers always drive along with their heads out of the door..

This is the bit of track they got to practice on: the idea was to try and stop before reaching the end of the platform!

Dad and the crew.

Hmm.. easy peasy..

And here's Dad, finally getting his go driving!

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