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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Picard&Crusher yay!

Nice video I found.

Will they ever get together?? C'mon Paramount, you know you want to!

I've just been watching the deleted scenes on the Star Trek Nemesis DVD... man they've taken out some really good character development stuff, it's such a shame! I'm all for the release of a special extended version with the full 3 hours, I think that would be great! And of course I'm still waiting on movie XI, I so hope they do a final TNG to deal with what happens with B4, I think there's lots of scope for storylines there, and most importantly to tie off the last loose ends such as the Picard/Crusher relationship. I'd definitely like to see that properly dealt with after 'Attached' and 'All Good Things'. I just think it is totally unrealistic for this to be sidestepped in the films so far! It has potential, and much more intersting than the captain going off with various random aliens! Definitely...

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