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Friday, June 17, 2005

NewPup -Molly/Psyche

NewPup -Molly/Psyche
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We got a new puppy called Molly/Psyche yesterday, very cute! She's half GSD, half akita, altho she just looks like a german shep to me, apart from her nose i think which is a bit Japanese! Lol her sister we had a look at too was literally half and half, her tail-end was completely akita with a curly tail n all, and funny akita walk, v naughty that one was (nipped me ear, and also spent our time there chomping various jack russells round the neck).. this one's good so far tho, apart from accidentally scaring the cat off! He's back now tho, still slightly grumpy looking but seems to be getting used to her!

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