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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stressed Eric

Phew, just sat two 48 hour exams, handed in two big coursework assignments, and now I'm home (for a bit) to revise for my 3 exams coming up on monday, tuesday and wednesday.. jeez they don't give it a rest! Ah well, 2 down 6 to go I guess.. agh.. right.. Computer Vision page 1 here we come!

Good news about the house anyway, we both managed to stop our cheques for the Hollingbury Road house after the crayzee lady messed us about, so she can keep her no smoking stickers to herself, and raw garlic (for medical reasons), lol. We've put a depost down on a nice place at Preston Circus, above an excellent fancy dress shop with plenty of multicoloured haired customers as far as I could tell.. it's right near the old cinema with the stripey tight wearing legs sticking out the top, and its just along the road about 20 metres from Preston Park! It's also just about 5 mins walk into town from there, and there's a station just up the road, it's all good, and the landlady's nice, she's even going to re-decorate for us before we move in! Here's the piccie..

Ooh, I just found out, it looks like Gemma's allowed home this afternoon! =) more good news!


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Oh I know where you mean...! That is really central...awesome! We'll be coming down to stay! ;)

Fancy Dress said...
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